Oh Minnesota and your puns!

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"Any potential Prize Winner who is a resident of Canada may be required to correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question administered online or offline in order to be declared a winner."

- This is in the official rules for CBS’ Bracket Challenge Sweepstakes.  I can’t figure out any reason for it, but it is pretty funny.

I just want to start off by saying that I am a supporter of Invisible Children, and believe in what the are doing as an organization.  I also wish nothing but the best for IC co-founder Jason Russell as he deals with a very difficult time in his life.  That said, this tweet made me literally laugh out loud.


Tweet of the Day: Journalist Barry Malone, who covers Africa for Reuters, reports on some amusing confusion sparked by the arrest of Kony 2012 mastermind Jason Russell.


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I would love to see the data for this

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This is the most perfect post there will ever be!

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Reblogging this only for Caitlin.  We did it!!!!


Ricky Ru-Bi-Ooooo with 18 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists tonight. 

I’d eat imaginary food with RU-BI-OOOO and The Love Boys if I had the chance. 


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Please call this number, your emergency Hall ‘n’ Oats Hotline!

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I don’t know if you all have heard about this, but we jumped forward a year a couple days ago.  I am sure a couple of you are still recovering from it.  People all over the world celebrated this event, but why?  Why do we celebrate the end of one year, and the beginning of another.  Is there a great change between the two?  I would ask your grandparents who fell asleep in 2011 and woke up in 2012 if there was a big change.  They will say no, I am sure.  The same goes for birthday parties.  Are New Year and Birthdays really just a celebration of us still being alive?  Yeah, I think that is definitely part of it.  I think now more than ever, we are thinking about and thankful to be alive.  But I don’t think that is it.

I believe a lot of people celebrate these passage of time holidays because it offers a new beginning.  You can put everything behind you.  people make New Years Resolutions, and vow to be healthier, drink less, and always be a good person(oh wait, those are my resolutions for 2012).  We can separate ourselves from the 2011 version and release version 2.012, now with an extended battery life!  On these days, we form the people we want to be.  But we often never succeed.  Why?

I think it has something to do with us throwing out the old to bring in the new.  We often come up with all these good things we want to do, without remembering why we want to do them.  Getting healthy is a whole lot easier if you remember how winded you get climbing a flight of stairs(Only one flight, I know it is sad).  It is in these things we have already lived through that gives us the power to become who we want to be.  

We play Auld Lang Syne(click the link to hear an awesome version) at every new year, but do we heed its message?  This Wiki Article discusses the songs origins.  I think this quote sums up a lot:

The song begins by posing a rhetorical question as to whether it is right that old times be forgotten, and is generally interpreted as a call to remember long-standing friendships.”

We should never forget our “long standing friendships”  Not even our long standing friend ship with cookies after dinner, or that favorite beer.  Those are part of our history, that made us who we are today.  Even if you hate the person you are today, it is what has happened to you and the choices you have made that have made you want to be a different person.  That is the great thing about the past, it already happened.  Ain’t nothing you can do about that.  And you forgetting about it, won’t make it go away.  All that will do is make you forget why you wanted to change it.

The term, history is doomed to repeat itself, is ringing in my ears right now.  I don’t believe that.  As long as we are aware of our past, our future can be very different.  But it is when we forget our past, that we ultimately repeat it.

Well thank you for reading this, I am going to go watch this video to learn how to always be a good person.


The best and worst thing about January is having these songs always in my head.

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Elvis Costello/Soulja Boy Mash-up


Mute the video on the left while watching this. It’s hilarious.

This just won the internet

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